What is Dead Sea Water used for?

Pure & concentrated Dead Sea Water Solution

From the time of Cleopatra, the water of the Dead Sea has been a renowned source of dermatological healing with beneficial effects. NUUVEE Dead Sea Water is water from the Dead Sea that contains 26 unique Dead Sea minerals and trace elements including sulphur, chlorine, iodine, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromine and crystallized water, all of which act as anti-aging agents.

Our Dead Sea water solution can be used with Our Dead Sea bath salts for a refreshing and healing bath!

Dead Sea water can be purchased in 250ml bottle and 1L refill.

Dead Sea water can be used as an ingredient for the following products:


  • Gentle facial peelings

  • Body peelings

  • Foot peelings

  • Bath salts for therapeutic and beautifying immersion and relaxation

  • Therapeutic lotions

  • Face creams

  • Body lotions

  • Hand creams

  • Hair masks

  • Shampoos.

  • In solid or in liquid form we bring you the benefits of the Dead Sea!