About Us

We are the Founders of ‘NUUVEE Essentials’, and we help protect health and wellbeing.

In today’s 24/7 world, increased stress and poor diet are contributing to a magnesium deficiency across 80% of the population. Magnesium is a mineral used by every organ in our bodies, especially our hearts, muscles and kidneys. Magnesium deficiency is being called the silent epidemic, and people with insomnia, stress, or muscle and back pain, could be suffering from low levels of magnesium. But... it’s very difficult to get sufficient magnesium into our systems through diet or supplements alone, and that’s where we come in!

At NUUVEE we make therapeutic magnesium bath salts, oils and sprays, that help you absorb the mineral through your skin. We also offer a wide range of natural massage oils and essential oils to help improve your wellbeing. Those minerals work topically, improving your body inside and out. Having spent many years in the skincare industry, we understand the importance of quality and integrity, and we ensure only the best products reach our customers.

We are passionate about two things, delivering great service and improving the wellbeing of our customers through our range of products rich in magnesium and other minerals.


     Our story begins a while back, on the other side of the planet… after making an inadvertent visit to Israel whilst backpacking many years ago. On one of our road trips, we stopped by the roadside at
 a place called the Dead Sea. The bus stopped for lunch for about an hour . Being a curious type, I went over to have a look at the water and decided to put my hand in this mystical water. I found it was like no other water I had ever felt; it had a total different texture and viscosity. As I looked across the vast inland sea, I noticed people were wading and floating on top of the water and some others were covered in some type of black mud. I had never seen anything like this place before, on my travels, so I asked some local people: “What is happening here? What is this place?” and they said:

“Welcome to the Dead Sea! Our government actually encourages us to come here, as a health retreat, to help cure all kinds of ailments like eczema, psoriasis, achene, arthritis and a whole list of other health issues. This is the lowest place on earth and it has some of the richest and finest minerals on the planet. The water is rich in magnesium. In fact Cleopatra used to come here to use the natural minerals to make her beauty products. It’s probably the oldest natural beauty and wellness spas in the world!".

Years after returning back home, we started learning about the importance of magnesium in everyday living. Mark's father had suffered from cramps and terrible arthritis for most of his adult life. After doing some research and some trial and error exercises, we formulated our own magnesium water, commonly known as magnesium oil. We found that, by applying it on to Mark's fathers hands and feet and massaging it into the skin and joint areas, after a few days, his aches and pains had magically disappeared. He was able to stop his pain and sleep tablets, which left him completely drowsy for much of the day, and was back to his original self, being active and happy.

And this is where our company NUUVEE (new life) was born. And we simply never looked back. 


We came to realize that people want to take charge of their own health; they are looking for natural solutions, that don’t have the side effects that come with certain pharmaceutical products. Once we realized this we knew we were on to something special. Throughout our journey, we have stayed true to our roots. Our natural ingredients are sourced across the globe. We identify quality ingredients that are cruelty free and align with our values. We go the extra mile and have them tested by the Australian Institute of Measurements.



Priscilla comes from a family of three generations of French Parisians, working in the cosmetic industry. She has worked and been in management of some of the most prestigious cosmetic companies on the planet and her family created their own cosmetic brand in Paris. Priscilla comes from a family of French Parisians and the cosmetic industry  is in her blood. She brings that experience and her certificate as a Cosmetic Consultant.



Mark has always been active in sports like surfing, diving, boxing, martial arts... pretty much all- outdoor sports. One thing he began to notice was that athletes all looked similar. They trained similarly, they had a similar diet... though I noticed one difference in the really successful ones. It was that they had a different belief structure. Their different belief structure, we call the can do effect! After stumbling across hypnosis and NLP, Mark quickly realized this was the magic ingredient! "The secret source that can give people belief in themselves and to take themselves further, in what ever field they wish to endeavor, and that’s what has led me here right now".

Mark is now a Hypnotherapist with a certificate in Modern Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Combined, our family team brings you value and a path to healing your mind, body, and spirit.