We love MINERALS from the DEAD SEA!

Author: Mark Proberts   Date Posted:20 February 2018 

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We love MINERALS from the DEAD SEA!

The Dead Sea is one of the best places where the world’s most luxurious salts and mud come from. While going to the Dead Sea for a mineral rich bath is not possible all the time for the people around the world, with Nuuvee products, it is possible to have the same experience at home.  The bath salts and mud made from Dead Sea minerals are rich in many essential components that promotes health of the human body. While Nuuvee Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea mud products carry concentrated amounts of Dead Sea minerals, using them in your day-to-day life will ensure that you have a healthy skin and body. But, why do you actually need to use Dead Sea bath salts and mud? And how can it promote the health of your skin and body?


Clears and Detoxifies.

These minerals detoxify the skin by deactivating all toxic substances. While the Dead Sea black mud can enwrap the body with high concentrations of minerals, the toxic substances are effectively neutralized while removing many dead cells on the superficial layer of skin. It is amazing that these products can be used for any type of skin including oily and acne-prone skin. 


Improves Circulation.

Once you dip yourself in a hot water tub with Dead Sea bath salts, it is a great way of activating your body. While the hot water improves the circulation of your skin, many of the minerals will be absorbed through the skin into the body’s circulation. This is a great way of getting minerals to your body just while relaxing after a busy day.


Skin Health and Beauty.

Mineral rich Dead Sea mud is great to improve the look of the skin. As it contains many minerals that enhance the radiance and the glow of the skin, applying a mud mask (or mud body wrap) once a week will nourish the skin giving a better tone.


Skin Conditions.

Studies have shown that Dead Sea salts and minerals can help in the treatment of different skin conditions such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and allergic skin reactions. While these minerals help combat different lesions and skin inflammation, frequent Dead Sea salt baths or mud mask may be considered as an effective way of preventing their exacerbations.


Aches and Pain.

It’s a well known remedy to use these bath salts to relieve pains and aches. Since many years people witness the effect of Dead Sea salt in relieving joint pains due to arthritis, muscle aches due to sports and body aches after a tiresome day. While the rich formula of minerals plays the magic, it helps reduces the inflammation of the muscles and joints and helps improves blood circulation, making the condition better and relieving.