PINK HIMALAYAN SALT versus other salts

Author: Mark Proberts   Date Posted:24 March 2018 

The benefit of Himalayan Pink Rock Salt versus other salts.

PINK HIMALAYAN SALT versus some other salts

The benefits of Himalayan salt versus other salts

As much as salt add taste to our dishes, it is also necessary for our body's ion balance. Consisting of sodium chloride, most of us are accustomed to using table salt or sea salt every day. But, many people do not realize that the standards between the sea salt, table salt, and Himalayan salt vary a lot and this, can have a major impact on their health.
Table salt, being a processed food item contains 97.5% of sodium chloride, while the rest of the 2.5% consists of iodine, moisture absorbents, and other chemicals. So many salts out there, even some Sea Salts, are heavily refined and mixed with anti-caking agents, which have so many bad side effects. That is why the table salt you consume is regarded as an unnatural form of salt and can have negative health effects on your body.
Unlike the natural salts, table salt contains higher concentrations of sodium chloride which will dry out the cells bringing more fluid to the extra cellular space, which can lead to edema and water retention in the body. Also, it can retain more water in the body at the level of the kidneys increasing the blood pressure and the blood volume. This is unhealthy for your body’s detoxification process as flushing out toxic chemicals is not carried out efficiently.

The Purest Salt! 

In contrast to table salt, Himalayan salt is the purest form of salt available in the world today. Formed deep in the past during prehistoric times, it is one of the purest salts in the earth, having been perfectly preserved by layers and layers of volcanic ash. Without pollution, it has no toxins and additional chemicals. While its purity is proven by the title it holds as ‘white gold’, when added with spring water it forms the same elements as found in its original source – the primal sea.

Did you know? 

Most of the 84 trace minerals and elements found in Himalayan Pink Salt are also found in the human body.
When it comes to Himalayan salt, it is not only about sodium chloride. It contains 84 trace elements, such as potassium, magnesium, calcium , Iron and Zinc which give the salt its light pink tint.  They are in their natural element form and thereby benefit human health in many ways.


Health and Benefits.

This natural and healthy salt can help promote the human health by:

  1. Regulating water – ion balance in the body
  2. Maintain pH balance in the cells of the body, especially brain cells
  3. Balancing the blood glucose levels
  4. Helping the cells to retain water and generate hydroelectric energy
  5. Easing the absorption of nutrients in the gut
  6. Supporting the respiratory health
  7. Promoting the health of sinuses and preventing sinusitis
  8. Muscle cramps and inflammation prevention
  9. Strengthening the bones by supplying the body with the necessary minerals and trace elements
  10. Regulating the sleep-wake cycle and preventing sleep disturbances
  11. Supports the libido and sexual well being
  12. Promoting vascular health
  13. Regulating the blood pressure by marinating the correct electrolyte balance. 

How to make the most of your Himalayan Salt?

Because of its mineral content, Himalayan salt can also be used in brine therapy, where it can help regulate your blood circulation and pressure, as well as to help treat skin diseases and help restore your acid-base balance. To take part in brine therapy, soak in a bath of dissolved Himalayan salt, which helps promote self-healing and detoxification through osmosis. 
Adding a pinch of pink salt to meals or drinks is believed to help the body achieve optimal fluid balance, thus preventing dehydration. 

Re hydration tip: mix a spoon of Himalayan Pink Salt in your drinking water and sip throughout the day to replenish lost minerals in your body, due to sweating or dehydration.