How to use Bicarb Soda

Author: Mark Proberts   Date Posted:26 December 2017 

Environmentally friendly, non toxic, economical and easy to use, SODIUM BICARBONATE (commonly known as Baking Soda).

Environmentally friendly, non toxic, economical and easy to use, SODIUM BICARBONATE (commonly known as Baking Soda) is so polyvalent and has so many great applications in your home and your daily routine!


Sodium bicarbonate restores PH balance to anything it comes in contact with. Whether it is your skin, your body, your home's surfaces or any other substance, Baking Soda regulates the levels of Alkaline and Acidity by a natural process. Sodium Bicarbonate makes that substance neither too acidic nor too alkaline by neutralizing its PH. it also helps maintain that PH balance with its buffering effect. This is this dual action from Baking Soda that makes it so efficient in cleaning, deodorizing and killing bacteria.



To reduce heartburn and acidity in your stomach. Mix 1/2 a tea spoon of Sodium Bicarbonate with a glass of water and drink.

Bath Salt/Foot soak

To soften and sooth your muscle after a strenuous day, sodium bicarbonate helps also open your skin pores. It is a good idea to ad a cup of sodium bicarbonate with other mineral bath salt, to allow the minerals to work best transdermally. The same applies to a foot soak.

Clean your teeth:

Make a toothpaste mixing Sodium Bicarbonate with 3% of Hydrogen Peroxide. Use it to brush your teeth twice daily to keep your teeth healthy and brighten your smile.


Mix a teaspoon of Sodium Bicarbonate in a cup of water, swish, spit and rinse your mouth. It will freshen your mouth and 

neutralize odors.

Body Scrub:

Make a paste with 3 part Sodium Bicarbonate and 1 part water. Rub and massage gently on your skin for a healthy smooth finish.


Clean Surfaces:

Sprinkle some Sodium Bicarbonate on a dump cloth, wipe all surfaces, then rinse with water. It is as easy as that and so economical! For more stubborn surfaces like bathrooms surfaces, make a paste with 3 part Sodium Bicarbonate and 1 part water. Scrub, rinse with warm water and wipe with a cloth.

Deodorize Carpet:

Sprinkle a bit of Baking Soda on your carpet, let it set for 10 min then vacuum.

Deodorize garbage bin:

Sprinkle a bit of Sodium Bicarbonate at the bottom of your garbage bin to neutralize odors. repeat every time you change garbage bag.

Clean your laundry:

use 1 part Sodium Bicarbonate 1 part laundry detergent to keep your laundry clean and fresh. This will save you money!