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NUUVEE ESSENTIALS, based in Australia, sources the highest grade minerals available. Our online shop features a fine selection of high quality minerals and natural products for all your health needs, including Magnesium Salts, Magnesium Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Dead Sea Salt and many more.



Get Raw for Beauty with Natural Skin and Health Products

Our collection of healthy salts and oils is carefully hand-selected. Our mission is to help people avoid products that are heavily processed and riddled with potentially harmful chemicals. This is why we believe in the timeless quality of natural products and in the effectiveness of therapeutic skin care. At Nuuvee Essentials, we want to make it simple and easy to get the very best for their bodies.

Epsom Salt | Magnesium Chloride | Magnesium Oil

At NUUVEE we make therapeutic magnesium bath salts, oil and cream, that help you absorb the mineral through your skin. Our Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salt helps in the treatment of sore joints and muscles, painful skin conditions and more. Our Magnesium Oil is pure and contain no harmful chemicals. Having spent many years working for major Swiss and French skincare brands, we understand the importance of quality and integrity, and we ensure only the best products reach our customers.

Dead Sea Mud | Dead Sea Salt

The minerals found at the lowest point in the world are unique due to the incredibly high salinity of the water, and have been attributed with providing restorative qualities to the skin. The high concentration of essential minerals make these products an excellent choice for anyone looking to restore dry, damaged skin and keeping it healthy and glowing from head to toe.

Sodium Bicarbonate

A truly versatile product, our 100% Natural, Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Bicarbonate has been helping Australians be healthier on the inside and in their environment. Balancing your body and skin, it is also fantastic for creating homemade toothpastes, bath soaks and exfoliators, it’s the ideal choice for anyone looking for a natural way to beautify themselves. 

Trust in beauty products that harness the raw power of nature

We believe in the power of great natural products, which are more effective and overwhelmingly safer for skin care uses. We deeply respect natural sources, in order to offer wholesome, healthy products to customers across Australia!

If you want the best for yourself and the planet, choose a brand that puts a premium on your health and Mother Nature’s. Order today for fast delivery anywhere in the country, or get in touch with any questions through our contact form. You can also call our friendly team directly on +61 412 835 072 to get the answers you need to live a natural, beautiful life. 

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PINK HIMALAYAN SALT versus some other salts
The benefits of Himalayan salt versus other salts As much as salt add taste to our dishes, it is also necessary for our body's ion balance. Consisting of sodium chloride, most of us are accustomed to using table salt or sea salt every day. But, many people do not realize that the standards between the sea salt, table salt, and Himalayan salt vary a lot and this, can have a major impact on their health. Table salt, being a processed food item contains 97.5% of sodium chloride, while the rest of the 2.5% consists of iodine, moisture absorbents, and other chemicals. So many salts out..
We love MINERALS from the DEAD SEA!
The Dead Sea is one of the best places where the world’s most luxurious salts and mud come from. While going to the Dead Sea for a mineral rich bath is not possible all the time for the people around the world, with Nuuvee products, it is possible to have the same experience at home.  The bath salts and mud made from Dead Sea minerals are rich in many essential components that promotes health of the human body. While Nuuvee Dead Sea salt and Dead Sea mud products carry concentrated amounts of Dead Sea minerals, using them in your day-to-day life will ensure that you hav..
Virtues of LAVENDER
Lavender has many virtues. Calming and relaxing, lavender works naturally directly on our nervous system, without unwanted side effects and can be safely used on adult and children**.  The most renowned type of lavender, which has been widely used since antique times, is the Lavandula Flower (angustifolia or officinalis). The Lavandula Flower works especially well for people with sleeping disorder, people who suffer from stress, headaches, anxiety and mood swings. **..
All about EPSOM Salt
All about EPSOM Salt. If you are suffering from a body ache or a muscle ache, your granny might advice you of the best remedy available. For many years Epsom salt has been the best solution for several day to day health related issues such as muscle aches, stress, sleeplessness. A simple soak in a tub of lukewarm water with Epsom salt can easily do the magic you are looking for.    ..
This CNN Report on Dead Sea Salt will show you the Benefits of the Dead Sea mineral salt and the diversity of its uses. You will hear different stories about how people have used Dead Sea Salt and the results they have experienced.   ..
Magnesium, the Miracle Mineral by Dr Theresa Ramsey This video has interesting information about how important Magnesium is for our body, how most of us lack Magnesium and how we can increase our Magnesium intake. Dr Theresa Ramsey is a practicing Physician and Lifestyle expert from the USA, author of Bestseller book "Healing 101".     ..
What is special about DEAD SEA SALT
Dead Sea salt is the name given to the mineral salt harvested from the famous Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan.  This ‘sea’ is actually a saltwater lake and the waters within its shores have been renowned for their therapeutic qualities since ancient times. For thousands of years people have travelled to the Dead Sea to bathe in this naturally healing spa and to take advantage of the exfoliating mineral mud on its shores.  This water has a salt content of 33%, compared with 3% usually found in common sea water.  Furthermore, the mineral composition ..
HIMALAYAN Pink Rock Salt
Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (HPRS) is one of nature’s purest salts, pink in hue and mined from some of the world’s most ancient sea beds.  It is completely natural, unblemished by modern toxins and is therefore a much healthier option than sea salt or the white, processed salt we know as common table salt. During the process through which table salt passed, it is bleached and stripped of most of its valuable minerals, leaving only sodium chloride.  As our seas become more polluted, so does the salt it contains.  Himalayan rock salt is genuine; it&rsq..
The Benefits of MAGNESIUM
You might have been told that using EPSOM SALT, DEAD SEA SALT or MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE will help raise the Magnesium levels in your body. But what are the benefits of Magnesium and why is it so good to increase the levels of Magnesium in your body? A lot of us are deficient in minerals like Magnesium because it is no longer found in our diets. Unfortunately, many diseases can be linked to a lack of Magnesium in our body. The benefits of magnesium are so important to us, and raising magnesium levels in your body will improve your health and wellbeing on so many levels it can be life cha..
Environmentally friendly, non toxic, economical and easy to use, SODIUM BICARBONATE (commonly known as Baking Soda) is so polyvalent and has so many great applications in your home and your daily routine! HOW DOES SODIUM BICARBONATE WORK? Sodium bicarbonate restores PH balance to anything it comes in contact with. Whether it is your skin, your body, your home's surfaces or any other substance, Baking Soda regulates the levels of Alkaline and Acidity by a natural process. Sodium Bicarbonate makes that substance neither too acidic nor too alkaline by neutralizing its PH. it also h..