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1L Natural Australian MAGNESIUM OIL
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1L BULK Natural MAGNESIUM OIL, Highly Concentrated, made in Australia

One very effective way to replenish the Magnesium in your body is to regularly apply MAGNESIUM OIL. Made in Australia, using MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE from the ancient deep mineral deposits of the Dead Sea, NUUVEE Magnesium Oil is highly concentrated and 100% Natural for best results. Working transdermally, the oil can be used all over the body or into targeted area, by massaging it gently onto the skin. 

MAGNESIUM is one of the most vital minerals for our body. Many of us lack Magnesium as it is less and less found in our diets. By raising your Magnesium levels, Magnesium Oil improves your general health by giving you more energy and vitality. It also increases blood circulation, reduces muscle and joint pain, Cramps, arthritis, reduces stress and headaches, helps with sleeplessness.Use 





  • Magnesium Oil helps:
1. Boost Strength and Endurance.
2. Improve Blood Circulation.
3. Releive Stress and Headaches.
4. Ease Sore Joints and Muscles.
5. Releive Arthritis and Joint Pain.
6. Reduce Cramps.
7. Ease Sore heavy Legs.
8. Reduce Sleeplessness.
9.  Reduce Restless Legs.
10.  Ease Back and Neck Pain..

Use daily by massaging a small amount either:
  • all over the body (general health)
  • under armpits & behind knees (general health)
  • onto affected area (targeted relief)
Packaging: Sealed in an Amber plastic 1L Bottle.


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