Back1Kg Bucket Pure Mineral DEAD SEA BLACK MUD

1Kg Bucket Pure Mineral DEAD SEA BLACK MUD
1Kg Bucket Pure Mineral DEAD SEA BLACK MUD 1Kg Bucket Pure Mineral DEAD SEA BLACK MUD
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100% Pure. Built by many layers of Clay sedimentary that have been formed over thousands of years, Dead Sea Black Mud contains an unusual and unique concentration of minerals which are proven essential in maintaining healthy skin!

Experience over many years shows that the Dead Sea Black Mud, which is abundant on the beaches of the Dead Sea, has many Therapeutic properties to treat Skin conditions and Joints problems. The Dead Sea Mud is mentioned by historians as early as the 1st century AD for its therapeutic virtues.

Containing approximately 26 Minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, potassium, zinc, chromium, iron... Dead Sea Black Mud Cleans, Purifies and restores Moisture balance in the Skin, keeping it glowing and full of vitality.



(Lead free, Chemical Free, No additives)

  • Use as a Face Masque.
  • Use as a full Body Treatment.
  • Use in Skin Care.

* Apply a thin layer on clean damp skin, leave for 15min, rinse in lukewarm water.

Dead Sea Black Mud helps treat:

1. Arthritic pains.
2. Muscles pains.
3. Dry and Irritated Skin.
4. Skin Ageing & Wrinkles.
5. Acne.
6. Skin Psoriasis.
7. Eczema .
8. Skin Elasticity.

Packaging: Sealed in a Food Safe, Tamper Proof 1kg bucket.


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