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BackCitric Acid Certificate of Analysis



BP Pharmaceutical Grade / Food Grade


Assay,  Citric Acid C6H8O7 99.5 % - 100.05 %
Appearence White Fine Crystals
Molecular Weight 192.12  
Moisture Max 0.5%
Sulphate Max 150 ppm
Cadmium < 1 ppm
Oxalate/oxalic acid Max 100 ppm
Arsenic < 1 mg/kg Undetected
Heavy Metals < 10 ppm Undetected
Lead < 0.5 mg/kg Undetected
Mercury < 1 ppm Undetected
Aluminium < 0.2 ppm Undetected
Bacterial Endotoxins < 0.5 IU/mg Undetected
Loss on drying Max 0.25%
insolubles clear solution
Total Alkalinity as Na2O 1 lb. NaHCO3 = 0.369 lb. Na2O

Conforms to BP2013, EP7.0, USP35, E330 (EU) No. 231/2012, JPXIV, FCC9


*** Not for Medicinal Purposes.

*** Disclaimer: Those results have been supplied to us by the manufacturer/ supplier. Those tests are run on a sample of every batch. It is expected that these tests are representative of the entire batch. NUUVEE will not be held responsible for any discrepancies between the tested sample and the rest of the batch. We recommend you undertake your own analysis if further testing is required to suit your particular purpose.