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BackAll about EPSOM Salt

All about EPSOM Salt

All about EPSOM Salt.

If you are suffering from a body ache or a muscle ache, your granny might advice you of the best remedy available. For many years Epsom salt has been the best solution for several day to day health related issues such as muscle aches, stress, sleeplessness. A simple soak in a tub of lukewarm water with Epsom salt can easily do the magic you are looking for. 

Though its name is “Epsom salt”, it is not actually a salt like what you add to your plate. Its mineral structure makes it a salt while the name ‘Epsom’ comes from the saline springs in Surrey England, where the salt naturally occurs. Epsom salt is composed of Magnesium which is know to help relieving conditions like dry skin, arthritis and muscle pains.  Sulphate helps flush toxins out of your body and Detox.
Did you know? Magnesium, which is the main component of Epsom salt is thought to be best absorbed transdermally (through the skin).
Epsom salt can be used on its own or mixed with other mineral bath salts. When it comes to Epsom bath salts, it is not only the minerals it is made up with, but the essential oils and other minerals added to these bath salts will enhance the effects of relaxation and detoxification. When it is added to water, the oils infuse while the minerals break into magnesium and sulphate. 
Tips: Soak in a warm bath with 2 cups of Epsom Salt for 20min. It takes about 20min. for the magnesium to penetrate through the skin barrier. Do not ad soap (not to compromise the minerals), but you can definitely ad essential oils.

Soothing muscle pain

The theory is that when you soak yourself in water the minerals (especially Magnesium) absorb into your body through the skin. As these salts are poorly absorbed by the human stomach and intestines, introducing it to the body through the skin is one of the smartest ways of receiving Magnesium. With its high anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, Epsom salt has been nominated as one of the best remedies to treat sore muscles after a sports injury or different muscle aches you experience in your day-to-day life. 


Good for the skin

Also, the high content of minerals and its hydrating effect promotes the skin health while it may help healing conditions such as eczema and allergic dermatitis. While supplying all the minerals the skin needs to function well, Epsom salt also detoxify the body by eliminating all those harmful triggers that lead to these conditions. 


Since the old times

Since the old times, people have been having a hot bath with magnesium sulfate when they feel stressed, tired, suffering from headache and amazingly, many of them have experienced a great relief after doing so. That is how the use of Epsom salt has become a commonly practiced remedy around the globe. 

Magnesium sulfate could be the best solution for itchy skin and sunburns as well. Dissolving some Epsom salt in a cold bottle of water and spraying on your skin which has been exposed to sun or irritated, can help relieve the burning and itchy sensations and maybe healing and reducing inflammation. Epsom salt is considered as a simple possible remedy for so many different problems and can be used regularly by all the family!