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BackHIMALAYAN Pink Rock Salt

HIMALAYAN Pink Rock Salt

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt (HPRS) is one of nature’s purest salts, pink in hue and mined from some of the world’s most ancient sea beds.  It is completely natural, unblemished by modern toxins and is therefore a much healthier option than sea salt or the white, processed salt we know as common table salt.

During the process through which table salt passed, it is bleached and stripped of most of its valuable minerals, leaving only sodium chloride. 

As our seas become more polluted, so does the salt it contains. 

Himalayan rock salt is genuine; it’s untainted; it’s the healthy option.

Quite apart from its attractive appearance, HPRS is an excellent source of natural mineral salts and has long been known to possess multiple health benefits.  It has a high sodium content (85%) with the balance being made up of essential minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate.  Some of the known health benefits include proper heart and nervous function, PH balance, greater bone strength, better blood circulation, improved digestion and more restful sleep.  When dissolved in water, it can be consumed as a drink to replace electrolytes and regulate hydration, or used as a sinus cleanser.

The addition of Himalayan salt to a warm bath makes a relaxing and rejuvenating mineral soak.  The salty water draws toxins out of the body, cleanses the skin and is thoroughly enjoyable.  Sore, cramped muscles are soothed while the minerals are absorbed through the skin to aid with muscle and tissue repair.