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BackWhat is special about DEAD SEA SALT

What is special about DEAD SEA SALT

Dead Sea salt is the name given to the mineral salt harvested from the famous Dead Sea, located between Israel and Jordan.  This ‘sea’ is actually a saltwater lake and the waters within its shores have been renowned for their therapeutic qualities since ancient times.

For thousands of years people have travelled to the Dead Sea to bathe in this naturally healing spa and to take advantage of the exfoliating mineral mud on its shores.  This water has a salt content of 33%, compared with 3% usually found in common sea water.  Furthermore, the mineral composition of Dead Sea water contains very high concentrations of magnesium, phosphates, calcium, zinc, iodine and bromides.  The salt is bitter to the taste and cloudy in appearance, due to the amount of minerals it contains.

It is not hard to imagine that soaking in such water does remedial wonders to the human body.  It is well proven that skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, allergies and dermatitis all benefit greatly from this time-honoured treatment.  It also boasts several anti-aging properties which assist in skin suppleness and help to reduce wrinkling.

When added to your own bath, Dead Sea salt is renowned for calming the nervous system, relieving stress and insomnia, encouraging natural body cell repair and relaxing tired and cramped muscles.  The sodium it contains is known to assist with lymphatic fluid balance, while calcium fortifies bones and nails and strengthens blood circulation.

Skincare professionals across the world use Dead Sea salts, or extracts, in facial masks, lotions and many other beauty products.  This way, thousands of people are able to enjoy the experience at home every day and thereby prove and enjoy the benefits of a healthier body.